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Innovating in Financial Services and the Funeral Sector

Funeral Sector

Our involvement with the Funeral sector came from experiencing a number of personal bereavements. We were an exhibitor at the National Funeral Exhibition 2009. To date we have launched three web sites which aim to help create choices and community for bereaved people. We are now working on several innovation projects in the funeral sector - if you’d like to find out what we can do for you, contact us.

fdsuppliers logo aims to be the complete directory of businesses and organisations that supply the UK Funeral Industry. We created this site to help Funeral Directors become aware of the vast range of products and services that are available to them and the families that they serve. Visit

funeral celebrants logo makes it easy to find the right local Funeral Celebrant in the UK. We list Funeral Celebrants from all the major training and professional organisations regardless of their philosophy or affiliation. We created this site so that Funeral Directors and anyone else who helps the newly-bereaved can offer a real choice and help families find the right celebrant for them. To find out more, visit

grieftalk logo is an online forum where bereaved people can talk with each other. It’s not intended to be ‘counselling’ or ‘therapy’ but rather a way to break the social isolation that so many of us experience when we lose someone we love. If you’d like to talk to other people about your grief, go to